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Stay online with Beeline Roaming in over 170 countries of the world.

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For postpaid payment system

The list of Beeline roaming partners, as well as roaming available types are presented here Beeline roaming partners. Roaming available types depend on the terms of Beeline roaming partners of the given country.  
In case of postpaid payment system, the calculation for all services in roaming, can be implemented with delay (up to several days) as a result of which the limit of provided services can be exceeded and communication limitation in this respect can be carried out later.       
For checking the limit of provided services before leaving abroad dial *110*321# and in case of necessity of limit change apply to Beeline Customer Care Office or call to Beeline Customer Support Center by the telephone number 0611.

Roaming activation

Postpaid payment system subscribers can activate/deactivate international roaming services in the territory of RA.

For physical entities the roaming can be connected by one of the following variants.   

You can connect «International roaming» service:

For connecting roaming in Beeline Customer care office, You will have to:


For legal entities

For subscribers-legal entities, having connected to the service «My company», connection to the roaming is carried out by the above-mentioned ways, available for physical entities.

Other legal entities (which have connected the service «My company») can connect roaming by visiting Beeline  Sales and Customer Care Office .  The authorized representative of the given organization:

The authorized person of the given company submits his/her passport and the power of attorney certified by a notary;

If you did not use the entire guarantee fee during the trip, it will remain on your account.

Roaming deactivation

International roaming service is disconnected in two cases:

Help in Roaming

In case of any questions about roaming please, contact Beeline Customer Support Center by dialing telephone number +374-8000-0612 free of charge.


Roaming in the border areas

The roaming is connected automatically for the subscribers of Beeline mobile network postpaid system in the network of «Karabakh Telecom».

Be careful in border regions on the territory of Armenia to avoid unauthorized use of roaming. Choose the network manually via the menu of your phone (from the section Settings).