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Stay online with Beeline Roaming in over 170 countries of the world.

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For prepaid payment system

In prepaid payment system two types of roaming - Easy2Go and Camel are available for voice and SMS services (depending on the terms of Beeline roaming partners in the given country).

In roaming you can



Receive calls



Make calls



Receive SMS (free of charge)



Send SMS



Recharge balance



Control your account in real time



Roaming Easy2Go is available in the networks of all Beeline roaming partners.

The list of Beeline roaming partners as well as the information in which network CAMEL roaming, GPRS-roaming/3G roaming/4G(LTE) roaming are available, is presented here .

Roaming activation and deactivation

For all countries, except Iran and Turkey

Before travelling abroad (except Iran and Turkey), for prepaid payment system subscribers the roaming service is activated automatically. For these countries you may deactivate and if necessary activate the possibility to recieve incoming calls:

Iran and Turkey

Before travelling to Iran and Turkey the prepaid payment system subscribers should activate roaming service.

If you deactivated the possibility to receive incoming calls in roaming, you need to activate it again by dialing*131#, in order to receive incoming calls in Iran and Turkey.

To avoid unauthorized use of roaming close to Armenia's boarder areas, choose Beeline network manually in your phone Settings.

How to recharge your balance in roaming?

In roaming you can recharge the balance by several ways.
  1. Via Online Payment.
  2. With the help of  the service «Trusted payment» we will temporary recharge your balance by your request and you can continue communication.
  3. With the help of Beeline scratch-cards:
It is necessary preliminary to buy a scratch-card and when necessary activate it with your mobile phone or any telephone, functioning by tone mode. It is necessary to call to the telephone number +374 8000-0696 and follow autoresponder prompts. In roaming the call to the telephone number +374 8000-0696 is tariffed as a call to the fixed network of Armenia.

With Scratch-cards your relatives in Armenia can also recharge your account by dialing  *101*  [16 – digit code of the card]  *[your telephone number] command #звонок   , where you must dial the number by nine-digit format used in Armenia.
  1. Through the points of acceptance of payments.
It is available so far only in Russia and UAE:

  1. Your relatives, which are prepaid system subscribers, can transfer sum to your account by the service «Balance transfer».