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2,990 AMD/month

 Internet that really works in your region

Hi-Fly 1 Mbit/sec.
2,990 AMD
Wi-Fi router is provided for free of charge
Internet service is provided via new generation wireless network
The service is provided only in RA regions

What is Hi-Fly?


Hi-Fly is fixed unlimited Internet service up to 1 Mbit/sec, which is provided via new generation wireless network.

Which advantages has the service Hi-Fly?

The new generation wireless network provides sustainable Internet for RA region even in the most remote areas.
Hi-Fly service is more sustainable than mobile Internet.
Unique Wi-Fi router gives an opportunity to use Internet regardless of the position of your home in the region.

Is Hi-Fly 3G or 4G?

NO. Hi-Fly service is provided via new generation wireless network with frequency of 450 Mhz.  
It is provided by a powerful Wi-Fi router, which requires no configuration from the user to use a service. In a few minutes the device connects to the Internet via new generation network, turning on Wi-Fi router.

Where is Hi-Fly service available?

In RA region.

How to connect to the service?

  • To visit the nearest Beeline Sales and Customer Office. 
  • To order online at website or by using the My Beeline Armenia mobile application.


Conditions for connecting services.

The subscriber must sign a contract for 18 months.
In case of termination the contract by a subscriber during 18 months, from the moment of signing, the Wi-Fi router must be given back in a good condition. If the Wi-Fi router is damaged by a subscriber, then the whole cost will be charged. The following applies to customers whose contracts are terminated unilaterally by the initiative of the operator in case of breach of contract by the Subscriber.


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