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VIP Melody


«VIP Melody» is an additional option of «My Melody» service. By activating «VIP Melody» Beeline subscribers can choose various new melodies from the offered catalog and pay fixed daily fee, without paying separate fee for each melody.

Melodies can be choosen by calling to 0644 free short number or by visiting


style="font-size: small;">For service activation it is necessary to text 777 command by SMS to 0644 short number. For service deactivation it is necessary to use 000 command to 0644 number.


 Daily fee for «VIP Melody» service is 14 AMD, which will be additionaly charged to «My Melody» service daily fee - 11 AMD. Together -25 AMD per day. Acquision of the melodies with «VIP Melody» service is 0 AMD instead of acting 295 or 500 AMD for each melody.

Additional information about «My Melody» service all features is available at