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We are happy to introduce you to a new offer - Mobile TV for all mobile subscribers of our country.

Anyone with a smart phone can feel the charm of the modern high-quality Mobile TV absolutely free of charge for two months. The special offer is on from March 8 to May 9. 

To watch one needs to download the mobile app BeeTV and enjoy watching one of the 15 most popular TV channels. 

Also, there is another gift for Beeline subscribers: there will be zero tariffication of mobile Internet when using BeeTV application. 

The selected channels are about sports, music, news, culinary, content for kids, etc. 

The list includes: Հ1, 21 TV, ArmNews, Карусель, Матч!Футбол1, BBC World News, ԲԱԶՄՈՑ TV, ԿԻՆՈՄԱՆ TV, ՖԻԼՄԶՈՆ TV, ԹԱՎԱ TV, ОРТ, RU TV, RTG TV, Телекафе, МузТВ.