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20 AMD/min.

Activate “Rusastanyan” service and call your relatives and friends at unprecedented tariff:

Mobile network Beeline and all fixed networks, RF - 20 AMD/min.

Other mobile networks, RF - 35 AMD/ min.
Monthly service fee - AMD 1000.

Calls are rounded up to the next full minute, starting from the 1-st second. Using “Rusastanyan” service calls can be made by *88* or direct dialing.



Prices are indicated in drams, including VAT.
You can deactivate the service any time by dialing *0051#.

Calls to these directions are charged by 20 AMD/min


Access code

Country code

Mobile network code

«Beeline» (Russia)



900335-900344, 900555, 900611-900619, 90205-90207, 90252, 902553-902557, 902559, 903, 90462, 904726-904727, 905-906, 90844-90845, 908460-908464, 90896-90899, 909, 95100-95102, 95320-95322, 958101-958110, 958113-958119, 95812, 958130-958132, 96



For prepaid subscribers
Monthly fee is valid during 30 days. In caseof sufficient balance after 30 days, the service will be automatically extended for another 30 days and the service monthly fee be will be charged from the account.
The service has a 7-day observation period*.

For postpaid subscribers
Monthly fee is valid during 1 calendar month.
*What is observation period?
If you don’t have the required amount on the balance upon expiry of the service validity period, you will be given 7 days period for balance recharging. Upon your balance recharging with the sufficient amount, the service monthly fee will be charged and the service validity period will be automatically prolonged for 30 days.
If there is not enough amount on your balance after the 7th day, the service will be disabled and you will need to dial the activation command again.