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Smart 2500
2,500 AMD/month
Smart 2500

All means of communication

Voice Calls
10000 on-net minutes
3000 MB
150 SMS to all mobile networks of RA and NKR
Voice Calls
50 minutes to all mobile networks of RA and NKR
After consuming the included minutes, SMS, MB or if there are no enough funds on the balance after package expiration date, the following tariffs are used
Calls to Beeline mobile network of RA
15.9 AMD
SMS to mobile networks of RA and NKR
15.9 AMD
MB (after consuming the package during 30 days)
4.9 AMD
MB (in case of inactive package)
19.9 AMD
Tariffs to other directions and services
Calls to mobile and fixed networks of RA and NKR
15.9 AMD
SMS to international networks
20 AMD
MMS to Beeline mobile network
15.9 AMD
MMS to international networks
299 AMD
MMS to other local networks
15.9 AMD
MMS to Beeline mobile network in CIS countries
50 AMD

You can check the amount of used minutes, SMS and MB by dialing the *113# command.

In case after 30 days there are enough funds on your balance, the monthly fee will be discharged from your balance and the provision of services will be automatically prolonged.


Switching to TP “Smart 2500” by *605# command.

As soon as you receive SMS about switching to TP, you should dial *615# command for service package activation.

The cost of switching to TP «Smart 2500» is 200 AMD*.

TP «Smart 2500» - in balance should be at least 2700 AMD.

For TP “Smart 2500” are available:

The service "Smart 1000 MB" - 1000 MB for 500 AMD for 14 days, service activation via *4100#

Internet Packages: Mini 50 MB,Midi 250 MBMaxi 500 MB,Maxi 1 GBMaxi 3 GBMaxi 10 GB;

MB received by a service will fall to zero after using MB package, included in the TP Smart.

The service My melody;

Beeline Bonus program.


Prices are indicated in drams, including VAT.
Tariffication is per second.
The maximum duration of one call on prepaid tariff plans is 120 minutes.

*Cost for switching from «Super Mix», «ReMix», «MegaMix» to «Smart 2500» is 1000 AMD.

If the remaining balance of activated Internet package is less than 1MB and you simulteniousely generate more than one internet session, in this case the remaining balance of the internet package will be used only for the first Internet session, all the other sessions will be charged in accordance with your Tariff Plan conditions. 

Unavailable services:

The services «Mega 150», « Mega 300», « Mega 500», «Lets talk» and SMS-packages.
The service “Favorite number